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We have network driven, point of service or consumer driven dental plans.  We offer comprehensive coverage, flexible plan designs...
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SDC offers our members one of the largest networks nationwide, so you're guaranteed to find a participating dentist or specialist near you!


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Joining SDC’s network is as easy as completing a few simple forms. To access the Department of Insurance Provider Application and our plan agreements, visit our Dentist Support Center.

As a participating office, you will appreciate our fast, accurate service and fair payment structure. Here are a few key facts to understand when considering participation:

Payment Methodology: SDC's Participation Agreement provides that SDC will pay to a participating dentist the lesser of the dentist's billed charge or the SDC fee maximum. In developing our fee maximums, SDC carefully considers claims submissions from all participating dentists within each code in order to determine reasonable fee maximums for each coded procedure. A sampling of our fee maximums is available upon request.

Prompt Payment of Claims: SDC has an excellent record of timely and prompt payment of claims. In fact, SDC customarily pays claims within 15 days of submission - over 99% of claims have been paid within 15 days in each of the past 4 years. We reimburse on a weekly basis. So, with our fast processing time and weekly reimbursement checks - you're paid in record time!

Reserve: A reserve, currently set at 5%, will be withheld from each claims payment to a Preferred participating dentist. Aggregate reserves are evaluated by the SDC Board of Directors on an annual basis. Based on an evaluation of financial data, the Board determines the portion of the reserve to be returned to participating dentists. Such amount remitted to each dentist in proportion to the dentist's contribution to the aggregate reserve is sent to participating dentists within 60 days after the end of each calendar year.

Availability of Fee Samples: Because SDC is owned by some of our participating dentists we cannot distribute our entire fee schedule, however we are able to provide a sampling that adequately reflects our schedule. A sampling of our fees is available upon request.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Simply contact us by phone, email or fax. Our expertly-trained staff is guided by our belief in remaining accessible and ready to help with a smile.

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Superior Direct Connect provides members, dentists and benefit administrators with direct access to our system to check claim status, verify benefit eligibility, view EOB's, add or update employee records, as well as request new ID cards.  All of these capabilities and more are just a click away!

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